Rapping and the Gospel?


Let’s talk about rap and the Christian. And, actually, this post isn’t actually about the Christian hip-hop scene, but more about artists like Eminem, Nas, Tupac, the Notorious BIG, etc. What do these artists have to tell us about he world around us and how do we apply the Gospel to those lessons? (Warning: censored language)

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Against a Xenophobic Jonah


The book of Jonah tells an epic story of a grand deliverance of Ninevah from soon destruction because of widespread (almost comically large) repentance all brought about by a seemingly unwilling prophet. The book of Jonah typically falls into two categories of interpretation: either God’s overwhelming grace in his pursuit of Jonah or the narrator’s attempt at making Jonah (and by extension, Jews) xenophobes and nationalists who wanted to see salvation stay in Jerusalem and go no further. I do not plan to write a detailed argument here, as many works have been written in light of recent scholarship of Jonah (and Ezra-Nehemiah, discussed below) that will give a much more in-depth argument for what I try to detail here. This post will argue that Jonah is actually a form of theodicy, wherein the prophet actually challenges the character of Yhwh himself (to use the Biblical authors’ language) as being too(!!) merciful while never actually carrying out divine justice and repaying for wrong-doing.

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