The Future and the Present


Some people may wonder whether or not there’s a purpose to studying eschatology. Some may think it’s a foolish endeavor that comes with a mild thrill from decoding symbols and numbers; some may think it’s a worthless venture, something we’ll never figure out; some may love reading the Left Behind series but don’t let it shape how they live at all. If God, in Christ, is reconciling the world to himself (2 Corinthians 5:17-21), and in that reconciliation he is freeing creation from its bondage instituted by Adam (Romans 8), how does that affect the way we live today?

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The Rebellion and the Kingdom: From Death to Life


For the Kingdom of God to take hold in the world, Jesus had to do more than heal the sick, give sight to the blind, and raise the dead: he had to suffer and he had to die. Likewise, the Rebel Alliance, even after defeating the Empire’s Death Star at the Battle of Yavin IV, it’s heroes had to suffer and they had to die. But the promise of resurrection for both meant victory over evil.

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Gender, Violence, and Viral Videos


There’s been a video circulating the Web lately featuring a bunch of young Italian boys and their reactions to being told to slap a random girl that they just met. For different reasons, all of the boys emphatically refuse to hit her. Most people see this as a good thing, and it is, but there are a few concerns that I have on the video and most are based in the video’s logic of violence and how highly people esteem this video in the thoughts that it greatly subverts the gender dynamic. Most people see this video as a rejection as violence, but as always, as a viral video, it’s not very nuanced. Hopefully this post will help you, my faithful reader, in thinking more critically about gender, violence, and viral videos.

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