The Lord’s Prayer, part 3


For the third part in my reflections on the Lord’s Prayer, I’ll be discussing what it means for the name of the Lord to be hallowed. It’s archaic language, almost inaccessible to most of us English-speakers. How can we pray something that we don’t quite understand? How should be understand the holiness of the Lord?

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The Lord’s Prayer, part 2


This is my second post in my continuing reflections on the Lord’s Prayer. This post will look a different aspect than most might: when God feels distant and silent. What do we do when our God is in Heaven and not here on earth?

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The Lord’s Prayer, part 1


Sometimes, it is important to step back from the pure abstract theology and remember that prayer (talking to God) is the highest form of theology (God-talk)*, so I’m kicking off a series of reflections on the Lord’s Prayer, today focusing on the first word, “our”. Community is a scary, difficult, and hard to understand concept. The Bible stresses how important it is for Christians to have unity in everything that they do (Philippians 2:1-11; Psalm 133:2 come to mind immediately, but I Corinthians and Philemon are about unity as a whole), but how do we find that in a community of differents?

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