The Story of Noah and Ham


I think we’ve all fundamentally misunderstood the point of the story of Noah. We’re hellbent on making the patriarchs in Genesis look like bad sinners, probably for two reasons: to make God seem better and to make men seem worse to support doctrines of original sin and total depravity. I don’t think this is warranted by the text of Genesis at all, and I’ll spend this post suggesting a new reading of the story of Noah and suggesting what Ham’s sin really was.

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Gleanings from Joshua


Joshua, the sixth book of the Bible, is fraught with controversy and debate. It is most well-known for the detailed look at the genocide of the Canaanites at the hand of Israel by the command of God. While this event is monumentously important to understanding both the work of Israel and the character of God, focusing exclusively on those passages makes us miss some of the bigger pictures the book has to offer.

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