The Maturation of Abraham


There’s some oddities in the Genesis account of Abraham that don’t seem to make a lot of sense if taken at face value. Abram is called and God makes a part of a covenant with him, only to reify the covenant in chapters 15 and 18. Why the tripartite covenant? Why not make it all at once? I suggest that it’s because we’re watching the maturation of Abram from priest to prophet, completing the tasks that Adam left undone in his sin.

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Top 15 Star Wars Moments: The Prequels


A lot of people wonder what keeps me attracted to Star Wars after so long. After all, Star Wars (1977) is celebrating its 38th anniversary this year. How can one movie have such an incredible impact on popular culture at large? What do some of the most iconic scenes mean for me? Which scenes resonate with me the most? Over the course of this week, I will share (over a few blog posts) some of my favorite scenes starting with the Prequel Trilogy.

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