Harry Potter and the Days of Creation


For fun: The books of the Harry Potter series generally track with the days of creation.

1. Philosopher’s Stone deals with the creation of light: Harry and his friends join Hogwarts and bring light into a world that is currently chaotic (though they don’t know it, voidlessness hovers over the wizarding world as Voldemort lives in Quirrel’s head) (Gen 1). There is no man to work the ground, so Harry is brought to Hogwarts (Gen 2:4-7). The serpentine Voldemort lurks in the garden-castle (2:25-3:1)

2. Chamber of Secrets establishes Harry as the mediator/firmament between the Dark Arts and the rest of the world as his ability to speak Parseltongue allows him to speak to the wizards and the Basilisk. Harry transcends the firmament when he travels below the castle to the basement where the Basilisk hides.

3. The Prisoner of Azkaban starts to show the division between land (the good wizards) and the sea (Death Eaters). Lupin and Sirius are vindicated as good wizards and Peter is shown to be aligned with Voldemort.

4. The Goblet of Fire deals with the stars, which symbolize rulers. The Triwizard Tournament overshadows the true story in the book: who will be ruler of the wizarding world? False lights, Voldemort (the moon) and the Death Eaters (the stars) are set up against the Ministry of Magic (the sun) and Harry (the light). The denial of the return of Voldemort lines up with the fourth day slot of Genesis 3 where the serpent tells Eve she shall not die. the fourth day slot in Genesis 4 deals with the consequences of the serpent’s action – a future event.

5. The Order of the Phoenix deals with both kinds of creeping creatures: the creatures of the sea (Death Eaters) and the birds of the air (Dumbledore’s Army). The fifth day slot in Genesis 2 is occupied by the sanctions on the trees; Adam is given a choice between two trees just as the wizarding world is given the choice between the DA and the Death Eaters.

6. The Half-Blood Prince deals with the new Adam, Harry and his ultimate destiny (and the angst of finding an Eve, Ginny Weasley). The helpful animals created on the sixth day are (secretly) introduced by the allegiance of Snape to Lilly.

7. The Deathly Hallows deals with the destruction of the Horcruxes, the death of Voldemort, and the restoration of the Wizarding World. The Sabbath is a celebration of victory over enemies, just as the Deathly Hallows deals with the victory of Dumbledore’s Army. In this book, Harry dies and is reborn to an eighth day where his children attend Hogwarts with no ultimate enemy to fight.

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