The Creation Week, Revelation, and The Temple


Peter Leithart shares a portion of Lazlo Gallusz’s monograph “The Throne Motif in the Book of Revelation”, where Gallusz breaks the book of Revelation down into seven components, each starting with a vision of the temple. Neither Leithart nor Gallusz do, but these seven sections can be linked thematically with the seven days of creation:

Temple (1:9-20)/Vision (2:1-3:22) One: The reference to John being “in the Spirit” shows a link with the Spirit who hovered over the waters. Rome could also be seen as a “darkness” out of which the light of the temple shines (maybe?). The seven churches could be viewed as the light coming into the darkness. We see a throne, but it is Satan’s. Jesus’ voice is described, which could match with God’s speaking in Genesis 1.

Temple (4:1-5:14)/Vision (6:1-8:1): We are literally on the firmament, and the saints transcend the firmament.

Temple (8:2-6)/Vision (8:7-11:18): Here we see judgments on both the land and the water. (In here we also see the judgment of other days of creation).

Temple (11:19)/Vision (12:1-14:30): This one seems very obvious. The stars symbolize rulers and we meet the dragon, the beasts, the woman, and the king.

Temple (15:1-8)/Vision (16:1-18:24): The temple vision in 15:1-8 shows us a “swarm” of saints, but the fifth vision shows the judgment on the harlot. Are we to see this as a judgment on the “bad” swarming creatures of the sea? Judgment is given in this chapter, and the first command is given on the fifth day. The judgment in this fifth day slot is the punishment for the violation of a command.

Temple (19:1-10)/Vision (19:11-20:15): The harlot is judged and the new Adam-Warrior-King meets his Eve-City-Bride.

Temple (21:1-18)/Vision (21:9-22:5): The Sabbath of God living with man.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a revelation of a new creation where Adam marries his Bride and leads his saintly brothers into battle ushering in God’s eternal kingdom in the garden-city.

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