100 Days of Star Wars: Force Friday!


Because The Force Awakens comes out in 100 days, I and other Star Wars bloggers will be participating in Mos Eisley Underground’s #100DaysofSW challenge! First day: What did I get on Force Friday?

September 4 was known among the retail world as Force Friday. A glut of products came out ranging from action figures to high end collectible lightsabers to bed sheets to cups with bowls for lids. All of the stuff coming out was planned to be released at the same time so that no secrets from the film could be leaked earlier than expected. This meant that The Force AWakens craze was at a fever pitch, so everyone went out to buy something. I was among the collectors, in line at a local Toys ‘R’ Us at 11:00 pm waiting to see the new products.

I was about 30th in line, meaning I missed out on a TON. When I finally got a crack at the Hasbro figures I was bummed to see that there weren’t any Rebels figures released, nor were any main characters left from The Force Awakens because other collectors grabbed it all. I was able to see the Bespin Luke, Darth Vader, and Resistance Soldier. When a man offered up his extra Black Series 6″ Kylo Ren, literally ten hands went up begging for it. I passed.

I grabbed the Kylo Ren Bladebuilders saber. I hate the concept of a blade builder for myself, though it might be fun for kids. I didn’t mind grabbing the cheaper $13 blade instead of the high end $200 edition or the $25 electronic one. I really just wanted his lightsaber to add to my low end lightsaber collection (which sits right now at Kanan and the Grand Inquisitor’s sabers). I sent my brother to line to purchase the lightsaber while I continued to look, but we left with nothing and sped to Wal-Mart down the street.

I didn’t buy anything at Wal-Mart, but I had my pick of all 12 basic figures and all five 6″ figures. I passed on all of them, but I was happy enough to spend time looking at them.

So, I didn’t have a succesful Force Friday. I thought that all of the Rebels stuff I wanted (Ezra with lightsaber, Rex, Inquisitor, and Ahsoka/Vader) would be released, but they weren’t. That being said, I found a ton of collectors in my area that I could befriend, so it wasn’t time wasted.


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