100 Days of Star Wars: Catch-Up Day (Already…)


I’m continuing my 100 Days of Star Wars celebration by….playing catch up because math isn’t my strong suit. So today: What is my favorite ship and which character do I relate to the most?

Favorite ship? The Twilight. For me it’s a combo of the Millenium Falcon (the old era of Star Wars) and the Prequels (the era of Star Wars I grew up with). It’s the best of both worlds for me as it combines the past and the present (at the time) of when I came into the Star Wars fandom.


As for which character I side with the most….I would honestly say Ahsoka sometimes. The Clone Wars came out when I was a Sophomore in high school, so we were around the same age (she was a bit younger than me). The lessons she learned paralleled lessons I was learning: Jedi training, algebra, learning how to relate to authority figures, how to come into the world as your own person but also taking the best of people you know and integrating that into yourself..we learned a lot of lessons at the same time. Seeing the way she matured from someone I hated into someone I really genuinely appreciated really quickly was really cool for me. Now, seeing her as an adult in Rebels comes at the same time I’ve moved to a new state (I’ve lived in Iowa my whole life). Her maturation into adulthood, out to fight the Empire, happened at the same time I’ve learned to be an adult and move into the “real world” out of undergrad.

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