100 Days of Star Wars: Lightsabers for Day 5


Ya know, some days in this adventure won’t be very long posts. Today I’ll tell you who has my favorite lightsaber.

I have almost completely ignored anything Legends canon lately, so I have few choices for my favorite lightsaber. Most people have normal sabers in canon, except Ezra, the Inquisitors, and Kylo Ren. Some may have fancy tricks (underwater functionality like Anakin’s, double blade length like Vader’s, and the ability to split or be combined into a saberstaff like Ventress’ red lightsabers), but those three blades really upped the ante of what we can expect from a lightsaber. But they aren’t my favorite; instead, I chose Ahsoka’s white-with-a-hint-of-blue lightsabers with curved hilts.


I love the curved hilts, the white-blue blades, the samurai designs…oh it’s great. I need Hasbro to be on it NOW

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