100 Days of Star Wars: Star Wars BFF


The 100 Days of Star Wars now asks if I was in the Star Wars universe, whom would I make a point to hang out with?


Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the crew of the Ghost? I would kill to be able to spend time with Ezra and watch him train as a Jedi. Or watch Sabine practice her art on a wall or a Stormtrooper helmet. Or see Zeb and Chopper bicker or pick up piloting tips from Hera.

But honestly? I would love to pick the mind of Kanan. How does he feel about his former life as Caleb Dume? Does he ever miss the friends he made as a Jedi? How did he put those memories aside? How does it feel to be constantly on the run? How does he feel about being a Jedi again after meeting Ezra? How will he and Ahsoka interact as Jedi? What is he thinking when he meets the clones? Does he ever have nightmares about Grey and Styles? So many questions and I’d love for him to be my Jedi mentor.

One of the most interesting aspects of his character to me was how well he still remembered his Jedi training. How did he give it up while still retaining so much knowledge? Did he ever give it up? He has so many interesting parallels with Anakin’s story I’d love to connect those dots.


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