100 Days of Star Wars: Novels and OTP


For this double day entry into the 100 Days of Star Wars challenge, I talk about the Star Wars novel that rocked my world and my OTP.

Let’s start with the easy question first. My favorite couple in Star Wars is currently Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell. I would love to talk about why I love them and their story, butĀ Lost StarsĀ is still relatively new so I won’t spoil much. In the Legends canon, my favorite pair was the obvious pick of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker.

Which brings me to my next point….
The novel that rocked my world the most?


(Okay, truth be told, I never realized how spoilery this book cover was until now).

So, yeah, this is Legends canon. But this was the first Star Wars novel that really broke me. I LOVED Mara Jade (I still do) and I was super pumped to see her get a cover on the next Star Wars novel when this one was still coming out. It was a good series for the time: it revived Marvel Star Wars’ Lumiya, the Dark Lady. We really saw the turmoil of Jacen Solo, tortured by the Yuuzhan Vong and by the memory of his dead brother, Anakin Solo. Luke was getting some action and Ben Skywalker was quickly becoming a more well-rounded character. Boba Fett had a grand-daughter, Mirta Gev, and he declared Mandalore as a neutral system in the Civil War between the Galactic Alliance and a rebellion led by Corellia. It didn’t feel like anything could go wrong, really.

But then Mara Jade went hunting for a boy.

Mara leaves Luke asleep in their bedroom to go hunting (“sorry Farmboy…don’t be mad”). Jacen’s, as head of the Galactic Alliance Guard, chases Han and Leia who are accused of murdering Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka. Jacen is quickly influencing Ben, under the training of Ship and Lumiya, to be his Sith apprentice. Jacen and Niathal take over as joint Heads of State after Ben assassinates the head of the Corellians. Mara is shot down after she starts hunting for Jacen, and is killed in a duel against him. He shoots a poisonous dart into her leg in the middle of the duel, eventually bringing her down.

This broke me. And it broke Luke. He chased down Lumiya and decapitated her before finding out she had nothing to do with the murder of Mara Jade. Jacen became Darth Caedus, full fledged Sith Lord. This book just did not sit well with me. I hated that Mara was gone. Sure, there’d be more novels released with her later (no matter how I feel about Choices of One), but it wasn’t the same. The galaxy moved on without her and it just felt…wrong. Honestly, it was one of the only Star Wars deaths that really made the galaxy feel like a dangerous place for me.

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