Star Wars: A New Dawn


A New Dawn was definitely not the best Star Wars book that I have ever read, but it is definitely one of the most interesting.

That being said, I think that because I am a huge fan of Star Wars Rebels. You will be instantly drawn to Kanan and Hera because you know them from the show. Those who aren’t fans of the show might wonder why it takes so long to start defining the characters and wonder what all of teh fuss is about. The surrounding characters – of whom Vidian is my favorite – are developed as far as necessary for the book. I wouldn’t call any of them flat characters, but we only get a sense of who they are when it’s necessary to drive the plot forward. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing: what I’m saying is that we don’t get a grasp of who these characters are all of the time when danger is not present. But that’s okay. This book isn’t designed to be a breakthrough. It’s designed as a vehicle to show off Kanan Jarrus and explain who he is before we meet him in the TV show.

The plot doesn’t break any ground, really, but I liked it a lot anyway. I loved seeing microaggressions performed by the Empire that riled up and hurt the common man. I’m glad that Disney is not afraid to live in the Dark Times and I’m happy they went right into it for their first novel. The pace is steady and I was rarely, if ever, bored reading the book. I consider this a huge win.


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