Star Wars: Aftermath blurb

Look, I’m not going to say that Aftermath was a bad novel. It had a lot going for it. Admiral Rae Sloane is the shining star of any book that she’s in. The Interludes were great, even though I struggled to care about half of the stories that they gave me. Seeing the galaxy after Endor was really cool. I liked seeing Han and Chewie. But it wasn’t a great book. The characters fell flat for me. The present tense was frustrating and the sentence fragments continually pulled me out of the book. The book was a slow burn and never really picked up until it ended. There were TWO really lazy twists, both predictable and both unearned and sad.

You should check this out if you’re really curious where the Empire went after Endor. But if you’re not that curious, hold off and we’ll let you know if the sequel is good.

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