Some TFA Answers….


Some questions in The Force Awakens were left intentionally open…but some were probably more confusing than they needed to be. In this spoiler filled post, I will answer some questions that might be left over from the film!

What’s the political situation?
One year after the Battle of Endor, the Empire attacked the Rebellion at Jakku, believing it to be the final effort that would take down the uprising. Moff Randd believed that the Rebellion wouldn’t be able to withstand an attack using most of the Imperial fleet, and Admiral Cienna Ree flew the Inflictor, the Star Destroyer that Rey raids, to the fight. The New Republic’s guerrilla tactics allowed them to let them take the battle handily. Thane Kyrell, of the Corona Squadron, was called to take the Star Destroyer, by Admiral Ree let it crash into the sand instead. In the end, the Empire suffered a crippling defeat that they wouldn’t recover in their current form.

After the battle, the Rebellion restructured itself into the New Republic and signed a treaty, the Galactic Concordance, with the defeated Empire. The Galactic Concordance was a disarmament treaty, forcing the Empire to disarm and withdraw to the far off Outer Rim. In the treaty, they would have to dismantle their stormtrooper army and discontinue construction of the Star Destroyers.

In the Outer Rim, the Empire restructured itself under the command of people like Admiral Sloane, a mysterious captain, and Snoke. They were secretly building a Stormtrooper army and constructing Resurgent-class ships, such as the Finalizer, apart from the terms of the treaty. As the First Order grew, General Leia Organa felt that the New Republic wasn’t taking the growing threat seriously, instead letting the conflict evolve into a Cold War-esque situation. Due to the slow response to the threat, General Leia set up the Resistance to run surveillance on the growing First Order. The New Republic was not completely sympathetic to the growing Resistance, but allowed it to continue anyway. Leia recruited most of her soldiers personally, acknowledging that they were a military group that existed outside of the Republic’s fleet.

So what did the Starkiller destroy?
The First Order fired the Starkiller at the Hosnian system, not at Coruscant. The New Republic Senate was set up originally on Chandrilla, but moved its base of operations every few years based on popular vote. The movement of the Senate was an attempt for the Republic to show goodwill toward its citizens and separate itself from the old Republic’s base on Coruscant. Some of the victims included Chancellor Villecham, Korr Sella (Leia’s envoy in the Senate), and representatives from Ubardia, Taris, Naboo, Candovan, Commenor, Abednedo, and Uyter.

Who are the Stormtroopers?
The Clone Army was retired five years after the end of the Clone Wars, replaced by troopers pulled from the citizenry. These troopers were trained all around the galaxy under different academies, each with varying degrees of quality of life and of training. This accounts for the wildly different abilities and competencies of the troopers. A secret academy on Arkanis was ran by, you guessed it, a General named Hux who groomed his troopers from birth to be exceptional troopers. When the Empire fell, the First Order turned toward its more prestigious academies to provide the First Order with a more consistently competent fighting army. These troopers are culled from birth in order to assure complete unity and loyalty to the First Order. The Hux family’s honor rests on these troopers, which is why Hux and Kylo fight over the troops so fiercely.

Who confronted Solo on the Eravana?
The two groups that confronted Han on his freighter were the Guavian Death Gang, led by Bala-Tik, and the Kanjiklub, led by Tasu Leech. These two groups, alongside the Irving Brothers, were all swindled by Solo after the death of Jabba.

With whom did Poe meet on Jakku?
Really, we don’t know. His name is Lor San Tekka, who is implied to be an Alderaanian. He is a scout who knew Luke Skywalker at some point, and was a galactic scout. Lor was discovered by the First Order at some point before the Awakening, and the Resistance had information on his around the same time. Lor was an ally to the Republic with vital information with pieces to a map featuring every Jedi Temple in the galaxy. He was also an adherent to the Church of the Force, an illegal religion practiced by non- Force sensitive people who worshipped the Force during the reign of the Empire, which made belief in the supernatural illegal.

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