2016 Reading Challenge

Every year, I challenge myself to read 60 books a year. Now that I’ve hit 1/3 of my goal, I decided to share this post as a mile marker for myself and a way for everyone to see what I’ve read, my current interests, and find some suggestions for reading

Italicized book titles are my recommended titles for anyone looking for something looking to find something new to read. These categories are not gospel, but sort of a loose guideline to help you choose what might be helpful to read in your stage of life.

Star Wars

  • Rey’s Story
  • The Force Awakens novelization
  • Rey’s Survival Guide


  • The Lamb’s Supper – Scott Hahn
  • Jesus and the Last Supper – Brant Pitre
  • Images of the Spirit – Meredith Kline
  • Sweet Counsel – Mike Bull
  • The Bible Matrix – Mike Bull
  • Inquietude – Mike Bull
  • God’s Kitchen: Theology You Can Eat and Drink – Mike Bull
  • Reading Revelation Responsibly – Michael Gorman

Textual Commentaries

  • The Literary Structure of the Old Testament – Dave Dorsey
  • The Beast of Revelation – Gundry
  • Texts of Terror – Phyllis Trible

Christian Living

  • Singing the Songs of Jesus – Michael Lefebvre
  • The Case for the Psalms – NT Wright
  • Out of the House of Bread – Preston Yancey
  • Tables in the Wilderness – Preston Yancey
  • Weakness is the Way – JI Packer

Currently Reading

  • Israel’s Divine Healer – Michael L. Brown
  • The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire – Scott Hahn
  • The Disabled God – Nancy Eiseland (reread)
  • The Gospel for All Christians – Richard Bauckham (Ed.

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