Fletcher-Louis: Theo-/angelo-phany in Luke 5:1-11

Crispin Fletcher-Louis argues that Luke 5:1-11 reflects an early angelophany in Luke’s narrative. I argue that it is is not only¬†the appearance of an angel: it is the appearance of God fulfilling his promises in¬†Jeremiah 16.

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Quiet: Introversion and the Church

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain, is a literal godsend for the introvert in your life. Not to oversell this book, but no non-fiction, non-theology book has been as paradigm shifting as Quiet has been for me. My first reflection focuses on the role of introverts in the Church.

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Fletcher-Louis: A Jewish Luke?

“It is traditional to regard Luke as a Gentile author writing for Gentile Christians. Indeed, until recently this was regarded as indisputable. […] However, there is a growing consensus, spear-headed by the work of Jacob Jervell, that accepts essential interaction with Jewish concerns and a Jewish readership. […] there ‘.. is today no serious question about the existence of this Jewishness.”

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