Star Wars: The Force Awakens Timeline

This post will contain two timelines for The Force Awakens: a timeline listing the events between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens by book/comic/media title to remain spoiler free, but a second spoiler-filled timeline. Both will be marked accordingly, but some Star Wars: Bloodline, and other post-RotJ media, spoilers apply for the second.

By media title to avoid spoilers:

Return of the Jedi
Uprising (mobile game)
Lost Stars (young adult reader)
Marvel: Shattered Empire
Aftermath (Novel)
Battlefront Jakku DLC
Smuggler’s Run (young adult reader)
Weapon of a Jedi (young adult reader)
Bloodline (novel)
Before the Awakening (young adult reader)
Marvel C-3PO: The Phantom Limb
Marvel: Poe Dameron
The Force Awakens

Spoiler following this tweet. I will spoil aspects of Bloodline, but I will let parts of the ending remain a secret. A few details, secondary to the plot and material released in advance will be featured heavily:

Spoiler filled timeline:
Return of the Jedi: The Battle of Endor
Kes Dameron, Han Solo, and the Pathfinders continue to free Endor (Shattered Empire)
Palpatine posthumously launches Operation: Cinder (Shattered Empire)
Leia Organa and Shara Bey save Naboo with the help of Queen Joruna (Shattered Empire)
Shara Bey and Luke Skywalker infiltrate a secret Imperial base (Shattered Empire)
General Hux leaves Arkanis to the Outer Rim (Bloodline)
Anoat Sector put under lockdown by Adelhard (Uprising)
The Empire launches four offenses on the Naboo, all four of which end in Imperial defeat (Lost Stars)
Wedge Antiles is captured above Akiva (Aftermath)
The New Republic is founded with its first capital on Chandrila (Aftermath)
The Empire, including Admiral Rae Sloane, Grand Moff Pandion, Crassus, and Yupe Tashu meet on Akiva to discuss the future of the Empire (Aftermath)
The Empire is defeated at the Battle of Jakku under Grand Moff Randd (Lost Stars/Battlefront)
The Galactic Concordance is signed (Lost Stars)
Ben Solo is born (The Force Awakens)
Nash Windrider oversees the new Special Forces TIE Fighters (Lost Stars)
At some point, Chewbacca and Han meet a few gang members (Smuggler’s Run)
At some point, Luke (and presumably, Ben) return to Devaron and the Temple of Eedit (Weapon of a Jedi)
Rey is left on Jakku (The Force Awakens)
Ben and Luke together search the galaxy for Jedi temples (at least ~6 years before The Force Awakens)
The Populist and Centrist movements arise in the New Republic (Bloodline)
Leia Organa Solo and Casterfo Ransolm investigate a gang that is afflicting Ryloth (Bloodline)
Leia is outed as the daughter of Darth Vader (Bloodline)
The Resistance is founded (Bloodline)
Despite finding a slightly worn shuttle, Rey is still stranded on Jakku (Before the Awakening)
At some point, Leia recruits young Poe Dameron (Before the Awakening)
Admiral Ackbar is captured by the First Order (The Phantom Limb)
C-3PO and other droids are straned (C-3PO)
Poe Dameron, BB-8, and C-3PO rescue Admiral Ackbar from First Order custody (C-3PO)
Poe Dameron retrieves intel from Senator Ro-Kiintor about Lor San Tekka (Before the Awakening)
Miners at Pressey’s Tumble form a strike (Before the Awakening)
Captain Phasma organizes a squad led by FN-2187 to end the strike (Before the Awakening)
FN-2187 fails to execture prisoners, while troopers Slip, Nines, and Zeroes excell at their mission
Poe Dameron and Black Squadron travel the galaxy in search of Lor San Tekka (Poe Dameron)
Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma attack Jakku to find Lor San Tekka (The Force Awakens)

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