Friend to Beloved: Ruth 1:2b

I did promise that we wouldn’t focus on 1:1-5 anymore, and that’s still technically true 😉

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Friend to Beloved: Ruth 1:1

In my previous post, I discussed an internal logic to the naming conventions within the book of Ruth as a means by which the book interprets itself. Using puns and names packed with meaning, the book adds dimensions to the story without needing to add more words. In the same way, the canonical placement of the book yields yet more significance.

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Friend to Beloved: Ruth 1:1-5

In 2017, I’ll be going in-depth on the book of Ruth here on my blog. Will you join me? Ruth, grandmother to David, ancestor to the Christ, has been traditionally neglected in the history of Christian interpretation. Relegated to Women’s Bible studies, Ruth has been ignored in the contemporary church and treated as merely an exemplary woman for woman to follow. How does Ruth speak to the modern church, and how does her story prefigure the message of the Gospel?

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