Luke 6:46-49: Does Jesus have the Temple in Purview?

The image of the wise man and the foolish man who build their houses on the rock or the sand is a familiar one. But does it mean what we think it means, or is there a deeper purpose behind the parable?

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Friend to Beloved: Ruth 2:1

Elimelech and his sons are dead; Mara and Ruth are left empty. The new Adam, Elimelech, failed to heed God’s voice and didn’t come to Bethlehem for bread. The new Abraham, he failed to heed God’s call to “stay” rather than “go”. The empty women are left without an Adam – without a go’er redeemer. That is, until they meet the mighty man.

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Creedalism and the Seminarian

Seminary is supposed to be a time of deconstruction, a time where beliefs are challenged and expanded. How do you stay faithful to Christ while your worldview seems to be torn down around you? I suggest that we take a look at the Creeds.
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Every once in awhile, as a writer, or somebody who pretends to be a writer, you can always start a post. The ideas are all on the tip of your tongue, waiting to come out. Sometimes, the words come easily. You can start any post you want, just fine. But then you try and get to the meat of the post. What point did you want to make?

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Tuesday Review: Birds of the Air

In Birds of the Air, Mike Bull puts all of his familiarity with the Bible to show in a single book. This book is primarily inspired by both Jesus and Solomon. In their time, they made pithy statements that challenged, confronted, and comforted their hearers. The back tells us that “Those who indulge in murder and adultery are often the first to insist upon table manners, which is why God sends a Jeremiah to smash the pottery or an Isaiah to preach naked in the street.” These tweets are created in the same vein: to challenge and confront opponents of today’s church in digestible chunks.

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