ICYMMe (Feb 27-March 3)

I’ve been all over the Web…catch up with me!


First Order of Business: Pacifism in Star War

The Clone Wars
, while ostensibly a show for children, deals with many topics fraught with controversy. One of the first subjects that the series deals with is pacifism, or nonviolence. Early in season one, we are introduced to the pacifist Lurmen species. Unfortunately, the show seems to stand against the Lurmen’s nonviolence, never entertaining the idea that this is a legitimate viewpoint to hold.


onethousandandonejedhanightsOne Thousand and One Jedha Nights: Episode Two: Kitster’s Dark Secret




Mynock Manor: Legendary Adventures: Red Harvest

 The Legendary Adventures have never come across anything as gruesome as this: Sith Lords, foul beasts, evil Emperors…none of this compares to the shock and horrors of introducing concepts first seen in Deathtroopers into The Old Republic timeline as we enter the Red Harvest!

I remember when the first novel in the series, Deathtroopers, came out. At first, I had thought and hoped it was a joke. When the novel was released, I passed on it faster than you could blink. As much as I wanted new Star Wars, it was hard to muster up any excitement for such a radical break from traditional Star Wars storytelling. Sure, since the book’s release, we’ve seen Star Wars tackle many different genres: kaiju stories, pure science fiction, mystery, noir, even horror. But, getting to this book still did not excite me. In fact, the Legendary Adventures almost stopped right there.

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