“Written to be Heard”

My review of Paul Borgman and Kelly James Clark’s book “Written to be Heard”, on how we miss one of the most important dimensions of the Gospels when we only read our Bibles.

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Introversion in the Life of the Trinity

In my first two posts, I looked at the ways in which introverts can model the life of the Trinity. In the first post, I looked at how the introvert has an ontological connection with the Trinity that transcends personality types. In the second post, I looked at the ways that introverts model the life of God. In this last post, I want to look at the way in which the Eucharist serves as a visible reminder of our participation in the life of God. It both reminds us of our place in the life of God and then models how we offer ourselves to him in the future.

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Introversion and the Life of the Trinity 2

For my class on Trinitarian theology for Northern Seminary, I am reflecting on the ways that introverts are included in the life of the Trinity and the church.

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