Brief Update 2020

Plans for 2020 and other brief thoughts…

Just wanted to update the blog for those who may be mildly curious about what’s going on this year. You’ll notice that the blog posts turned mostly into sporadic reviews at the end of 2019, which I hope was still helpful in terms of finding new reading material to engage with. That being said, I’m sure a few people were a little bummed to miss out on my musings.

I still plan on doing book reviews in 2020, mostly to keep up with all of the books I have gotten for review from Netgalley. Keep an eye out for those. I won’t promise to keep them regular, either in terms of release dates or how long I space them out. I’d really prefer to do them as I finish the book, even if that means I do a few a week and then none for weeks.

I might also get back into doing Lectionary commentaries, but I haven’t totally decided on that just yet.

I’ll make a bigger post about this later, but I am continuing my NT Wright read-through in 2020 after I did not finish in Twenty-WrightTeen. I didn’t expect to, and there are a few more books coming from him later this year that I am eagerly anticipating.

Thanks for reading and I hope to serve you well with good content throughout the rest of the calendar year.

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