I am Chris Wermeskerch. I am a seminiarian; I am a writer; I am a Christian.

I love reading, writing, Star Wars, theology, memes, and craft beer.
Not always in that order.

I am also co-administrator of First Order of Business with David Marshall.

Curious where else I’ve written?
Find me at:

First Order of Business 

Mynock Manor
Chris Wermeskerch

-The Symbolism of The Force Awakens
I Rebel, Like My Mother Before: On Jyn and Lyra
What the New Republic Should Have Learned from The Old Republic
The Freemaker Adventures and LEGO’s Piece of the Galaxy
Visions of the Future – Kanan and Ahsoka’s Struggles with Destiny

Bible Matrix Blog:
Psalms 1 and 2

Wisdom of Justice: Proverbs
Wisdom of Justice: Job
Wisdom of Justice: Psalms
Wisdom of Justice: Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes
Eschatology and Real Life

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