“Confronting Old Testament Controversies” (Longman, 2019) Review

My review of “Confronting Old Testament Controversies” by Tremeper Longman III.

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Preaching God’s Grand Drama A Biblical-Theological Approach (Lee, 2019) Review

My review of “Preaching God’s Grand Drama: A Biblical-Theological Approach” by Fuller professor Dr. Ahmi Lee.

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“The Practices of Christian Preaching” (Alcántara, 2019) Review

Most people think that preaching comes naturally to people. Even preachers! But Jared E. Alcántara wants to remind his readers that it doesn’t – just like any other function, it requires practice.

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“Participating with Christ” (Gorman, 2019) Review

My review on Participating with Christ, a collection of essays by Michael Gorman.

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#TwentyWrightTeen Update

Early in 2019, I made it my goal to read through most, if not all, of NT Wright’s scholarship in his printed material. I also planned on reviewing and interacting with the material on the blog. Half of my goal is going well – read on for some updates.

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