“An On-Going Imagination” (Brueggemann and Beale, 2019) Review

My review of An On-Going Imagination: A Conversation about Scripture, Faith, and the Thickness of Relationship by Walter Brueggemann, Clover Reuter Beal, and Timothy Beal.

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“The State of New Testament Studies” (McKnight and Gupta, 2019) Review

My review of “The State of New Testament Studies”, edited by Drs. McKnight and Nijay Gupta.

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Introversion in the Life of the Trinity

In my first two posts, I looked at the ways in which introverts can model the life of the Trinity. In the first post, I looked at how the introvert has an ontological connection with the Trinity that transcends personality types. In the second post, I looked at the ways that introverts model the life of God. In this last post, I want to look at the way in which the Eucharist serves as a visible reminder of our participation in the life of God. It both reminds us of our place in the life of God and then models how we offer ourselves to him in the future.

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My Current Interactions with the Bible

One of the church’s main problems now (and, let’s face it, over the course of history) is that her members simply are not reading the Bible. In light of this, I thought it would be encouraging to share how I am interacting with the Bible these days, both which texts I am interacting with and the Bibles I am using to do so.

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