The Story of Noah and Ham

I think we’ve all fundamentally misunderstood the point of the story of Noah. We’re hellbent on making the patriarchs in Genesis look like bad sinners, probably for two reasons: to make God seem better and to make men seem worse to support doctrines of original sin and total depravity. I don’t think this is warranted… Continue reading The Story of Noah and Ham

Revelation and Adam

The book of Revelation is super confusing for a lot of people, and I can understand why. The apostle John uses layer upon layer of rich symbolism and so many subtle allusions to the Old Testament that it would take years of careful studying and reading to begin to even catch a few of the… Continue reading Revelation and Adam

What do we know about The Force Awakens?

This blog post will serve as a master post containing any OFFICIAL (that is, trailers, teasers, TV spots, or official tie-in material, panels, actor accounts or confirmations) information we have received about The Force Awakens (2015) so far. NOTHING unofficial will be reported here: this post will contain no rumors unless officially confirmed, so this… Continue reading What do we know about The Force Awakens?