The Hope of Israel (Crowe, 2020) Review

My review of Brandon Crowe’s The Hope of Israel: The Resurrection of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles by the Baker Publishing Group.

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“Written to be Heard”

My review of Paul Borgman and Kelly James Clark’s book “Written to be Heard”, on how we miss one of the most important dimensions of the Gospels when we only read our Bibles.

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Fletcher-Louis: A Jewish Luke?

“It is traditional to regard Luke as a Gentile author writing for Gentile Christians. Indeed, until recently this was regarded as indisputable. […] However, there is a growing consensus, spear-headed by the work of Jacob Jervell, that accepts essential interaction with Jewish concerns and a Jewish readership. […] there ‘.. is today no serious question about the existence of this Jewishness.”

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