A Pastische of Patristic Perspectives on Paradise

The Orthodox Church takes a different approach to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Rather than the bare bones approach modern theologians take with the story (Adam is created, then Eve, then they are tempted, and expelled), the Orthodox Church has a rich tradition of expansion to the narrative. I explore a few of the aspects here.

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Theological Zoology

Adam learned about himself and God through animals. The Proverbs also show us how Solomon gained his wisdom: by studying the animals. How do the animals teach us? Can theology justify a degree in zoology?

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Leviticus, the Book of Recapitulations and the Future


Leviticus, as the sacrificial law of the land of Israel (no pun intended on any front), is a recapitulation of the redemption history of Israel and is the basis for which the future of Israel would be written. This post will examine how Leviticus recapitulates the past and symbolically designs the future.

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