Fishers of Men

When we read the Bible, we are usually content to read only on the surface. We need to learn to read with the whole of the Biblical narrative and symbolism whenever we visit the text.

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How to Spot an Allusion

In this post, I am going to outline a methodology for finding allusions in the Scriptures proposed by Dale Allison in The New Moses: A Matthean Typology. This post will outline a few details from his book with a few emendations of my own.

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Revelation and Adam


The book of Revelation is super confusing for a lot of people, and I can understand why. The apostle John uses layer upon layer of rich symbolism and so many subtle allusions to the Old Testament that it would take years of careful studying and reading to begin to even catch a few of the allusions. There is a consistent theme that runs through the book that can help us understand, though: in Christ and the martyrs, the work of Adam is completed. There is a popular myth that Adam does not play a huge role in the Bible outside of Genesis, Paul, and I Chronicles. This post will show how understanding the work of Adam is key to understanding the whole of the Scriptures, and that he forms an inclusio around the whole storyline of the Scriptures.

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Resurrection Sunday: A New Creation


“Therefore, if anybody is in Christ-a new creation! The old has passed away and the new has come.” – St. Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, 5:17

The Evangelists who wrote our Bibles record some incredible information about the death and resurrection of Christ, but some of it doesn’t seem to make much sense from the first read through. The Gospel writers share a message of a new Creation in the Risen Christ, if we have ears to hear it.

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