My Anxiety, God’s Kingdom: A Personal Reflection on Matthew 6

Sitting outside, something struck me. Unlike the usual hustle and bustle of the corporate world – whether it’s my job at Starbucks, moving 100% of the time, or simply taking calls and placing orders at Crossway – nature is quiet. There is no hurry in nature. Geese mill about while a squirrel quietly chews on… Continue reading My Anxiety, God’s Kingdom: A Personal Reflection on Matthew 6

Fletcher-Louis: A Jewish Luke?

“It is traditional to regard Luke as a Gentile author writing for Gentile Christians. Indeed, until recently this was regarded as indisputable. […] However, there is a growing consensus, spear-headed by the work of Jacob Jervell, that accepts essential interaction with Jewish concerns and a Jewish readership. […] there ‘.. is today no serious question… Continue reading Fletcher-Louis: A Jewish Luke?

Revelation and Adam

The book of Revelation is super confusing for a lot of people, and I can understand why. The apostle John uses layer upon layer of rich symbolism and so many subtle allusions to the Old Testament that it would take years of careful studying and reading to begin to even catch a few of the… Continue reading Revelation and Adam