Timothy Thursday: I Timothy 2:1-7

Paul has now thoroughly warned Timothy about the life of the false teachers, going so far as to specifically name two. Now, he turns his sights toward explaining proper Christian life (now that he knows what improper Christian life looks like).

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Timothy Thursday: 1 Timothy 18-20

Paul has charged Timothy to hold fast to love in contrast to the leaders who have lost themselves to vain speculation; coached him on the proper use of the Law; and has explained his own view of his ministry. Now, Paul brings this all to sharp focus with specific examples.

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Timothy Thursday: I Timothy 1:12-18

In the previous two weeks, Paul has explained the proper charge of the pastor, and the tools needed to be faithful to that charge and has explained the proper use of the Law, which the false teachers do not seem to be grasping. In the next couple of verses, Paul reflects on his own ministry and relationship with Jesus.

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Jesus, in Luke 14, instructs his disciples to count the cost of following him. After all, no one starts a tower without any idea of how much that tower would cost, right? They’d have to stop half-way through, an embarrassment to them and to their neighborhood. Or, take the king who hears of an approaching army. They wouldn’t rise against this foreign enemy without taking stock of their own army, would they? Otherwise, it would turn into a slaughterfest! Going into ministry is a lot like, I think.

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