Resources toward Understanding and Loving the Old Testament

If you want to understand the Old Testament better (and, well, you should want to understand it better), here are nine books and resources I’m using to study it right now.

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Original Monotheism: Levitical Miscellany

This post will serve as my last post in Don Richardson’s book, Eternity in Their Hearts. After this, I will deal with Wilhelm Schmidt and others, but I wanted to cover a few people who had laws similar to that of Leviticus.

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Original Monotheism: The Mbaka

Following a post on the missiological aspects of orginal monotheism, I now look at a more specific theology: that of redemptive lore. Richardson changes our perspective on “perversions” of the gospel into something more suitable for doing missions.

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Original Monotheism: The Sky-God Speaks

My last post dealt with more anecdotal evidence of the existence of a sky-god easily identifiable with the Triune God of the Bible. This post will step back a bit to identify the theology of Richardson in Eternity of their Hearts by examining his view of supernatural revelation, even today.

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Original Monotheism: The Santal

A month without Wi-Fi put this series on quite the unfortunate hiatus, but we’re back, baby! In an effort to produce enough evidence to allow us to consider the possibility of original monotheism as the ideal model for studying religion, I return to Don Richardson’s book, Eternity in their Hearts.

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The Case for Original Monotheism: Incas

In the field of Religious Studies, many have speculated about the growth or the evolution of religion. Some say that human religion started with primalism, evolved into polytheism, which turned into monotheism, which will soon give way to secularism in its entirety. Some would add categories for pantheism or other types of religions, but those four structures seem to be in every religious studies report. But what if there was another way – the biblical model – where humanity was originally monotheistic?

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Fletcher-Louis: A Jewish Luke?

“It is traditional to regard Luke as a Gentile author writing for Gentile Christians. Indeed, until recently this was regarded as indisputable. […] However, there is a growing consensus, spear-headed by the work of Jacob Jervell, that accepts essential interaction with Jewish concerns and a Jewish readership. […] there ‘.. is today no serious question about the existence of this Jewishness.”

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