Why I Memorized a Genealogy

Why we have to start believing Paul when he says that all of Scripture is helpful for godliness, even the parts we want to skip over.

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Friend to Beloved: Ruth 2:14-16

The breadth of the picture of the Gospel that we see in Ruth is breathtaking, and helps us to more fully see the picture of Christ that Boaz provides. While I already covered some of this picture last week, there is still more to see.

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Friend to Beloved: Ruth 2:1

Elimelech and his sons are dead; Mara and Ruth are left empty. The new Adam, Elimelech, failed to heed God’s voice and didn’t come to Bethlehem for bread. The new Abraham, he failed to heed God’s call to “stay” rather than “go”. The empty women are left without an Adam – without a go’er redeemer. That is, until they meet the mighty man.

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